Location – Unit Patos de Minas

The headquarters and central office of Joia Sementes are located BR 365, KM 400, COUNTRYSIDE – MAILBOX 2060, - PATOS DE MINAS,MG -CEP:38700-000

Location – Unit Guarda-Mor

The UBS headquarters, is located on 1043 Otávio Pereira de Guimarães Street, in the Municipality of Guarda Mor / MG, Center, ZIP: 38,570-000. Phone (38) 3673-1926.

Unit II-Patos de Minas BR 365, km 400, Zona Rural (Rural Zone) - PO BOX 2060, Patos de Minas, MG - ZIP: 38700-000. Phone: (34) 3822-5990


The processing consists of all the operations to which the seed is submitted, from its reception in the seed processing unit (UBS) to the packaging and distribution.


We assume the duty of providing our customers with products with the highest quality and safety, thus establishing a high level of satisfaction in the use of our products.


We work with high quality requirements and we sell certified and inspected seeds, proving the excellency of the products which the company offers to the market.