Known for the quality of its products, Jóia Sementes has been active in the seed production market and marketing since 1998. Currently active in the distribution to various regions of Brazil, Jóia Sementes operates in two units in the state of Minas Gerais; In the cities of Guarda Mor and Patos de Minas.

operates in two units in the state of Minas Gerais; In the cities of Guarda Mor and Patos de Minas. Jóia Sementes works with products which adapt to different types of soil and climate which are aimed at meeting the needs of different regions, This results in a complete and favorable germination. In its portfolio of products, Jóia Sementes offers Corn Seeds (hybrid, special and varieties), Rice Seeds, Bean Seeds and Forage Seeds. Jóia Sementes works with high quality requirements marketing and certified and inspected seeds, proving its excellent results.

Jóia Semente works to establish long-lasting partnerships, upholding ethics and transparency in its negotiations. The aim is to ensure a favorable internal environment for our employees, to satisfy the needs of our customers by offering quality and reliable products, as well as to work for the profitability and growth of the company.

As far as production processes are concerned, our vision of the future must be highlighted. Jóia Sementes requires that in all stages, from sowing to transporting our products, sustainable development is guaranteed. Thus ensuring that we are working with the needs of today without compromising the resources for future generations.

No que diz respeitos aos processos de produção, há de se destacar a visão de futuro. A Jóia Sementes exige que em todas as etapas, desde a semeadura até o transporte de seus produtos, seja garantido o desenvolvimento sustentável. Assim, trabalha-se com as necessidades do hoje sem comprometer os recursos para gerações futuras.

Fornecer aos nossos clientes produtos com qualidade e a confiança de resultados favoráveis.

Our Mission

Provide our customers with quality products and the confidence of favorable results.

Our Vision

Expand the brand Jóia Sementes, in order to be recognized nationally for its quality, ethics and transparency.

Our values

  • Respect for our internal and external stakeholders
  • Trust and punctuality with our customers
  • Prioritization of ethics in all processes
  • Care and respect for the environment